Heidelberg Centre for Euro-Asiatic Studies e.V.

at the University of Heidelberg

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The Heidelberg Centre for Euro-Asiatic Studies

The Heidelberg Centre for Euro-Asiatic Studies HECEAS e.V. is engaged in the scientific investigation of the issues regarding Europe the Middle East and Asia, both past and present.

HECEAS e.V. contributes to the realization of a world order based on dialogue and co-operation, by shaping sustainable political concepts for Germany and Europe.

HECEAS e.V. is solely ruled by scientific principles and therefore neither pursues any partisan political goals nor is bound by any political or ideological agenda. The ethical background for the work of the Centre is the conviction that only responsible, rational and dialogue-oriented action in politics and economy will be able to meet the challenges of globalisation. Such a policy requires a precise understanding of problem issues, a realistic evaluation of the options and a highly qualified level of information of the public opinion.

HECEAS e.V. focuses on generating scientific analyses and background research of current issues and problems, including those of foreign and economic policy. The resulting knowledge is to be of practical use to the public as well as in the political and economic domains. The Centre was formed out of various regional research institutes within the Heidelberg University. The geographic focus of the expertise is on the Islamic world, Southeast Europe, the CIS (former Soviet Union), South Asia and East Asia.

HECEAS e.V. has been registered at the Administration of the City of Heidelberg as an incorporated society and bears the status of a public body. Since 2003, HECEAS e.V. has been approved by the Rectorate of Heidelberg University as an associated institute.