Heidelberg Centre for Euro-Asiatic Studies e.V.

at the University of Heidelberg

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  • Prof. Dr. Raoul Motika, Istanbul, Turkish, Islamic and political studies.
    • Current position: Director of the Orient-Institut Istanbul.
    • Main focus: Turkey, Iran, Caucasus, Central Asia, Islam in Europe.
  • Dr. Martin Gieselmann, Heidelberg, Chinese studies.
    • Current position: Executive Secretary of the South Asia Institute (University of Heidelberg).
    • Main focus: PR China, Hongkong, Taiwan, Korea.
  • Dr. Ekkehard Kraft, Heidelberg, Southeast European and Slavonic
  • studies.
    • Current position: journalist and lecturer on politics.
    • Main focus: Southeast Europe, Russian Federation.
  • Dr. Ibad Mirzayev, Munich, oil engineer and physicist.
    • Current position: oil and gas consultant and entrepreneur.
    • Main focus: raw material exploitation and energy supply in the CIS and Europe.
  • Prof. Dr. Christoph Herzog, Bamberg, Islamic studies and history of the Middle East.
    • Current position: Chair for Turkish Studies (University of Bamberg).
    • Main focus: Ottoman Empire, Turkey, Iraq, conspiracy theories, IT society in the Near East.
  • Prof. Dr. Michael Kemper, Amsterdam (Netherlands), Eastern European History, Islamic and Slavic Studies.
    • Current position: Chair for Eastern European History (University of Amsterdam).
    • Main focus: Islamic regions of the Russian Federation, the Arab world, Islamic law.
    • Contact: M.Kemper@uva.nl
  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Eich, Hamburg, Islamic Studies.
    • Current position: Professor for Islamic Studies (University of Hamburg).
    • Main focus: Islamic Networks, Bioethics and Islam, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt
  • Dr. Johannes Zimmermann, Heidelberg, Islamic and Ottoman Studies.
    • Current position: Assistant at the Chair for Islamic Studies (University of Heidelberg).
    • Main focus: History of the Ottoman Empire and Turkey, Islam
  • Dr. Robert Langer, Bayreuth, Islamic Studies and Cultural Anthropology.
    • Current position: Research Group Leader Contemporary Islamic Cultures, Academic Associate Religious Studies, University of Bayreuth, Germany.
    • Main focus: Ottoman Empire / Turkey, Iran; Islam and related or neighbouring traditions (Alevi, Yezidi, Ahl-e Haqq, Zoroastrians) in the Near East and in Europe; religious practice and rituals.
    • Contact: robert.langer@ori.uni-heidelberg.de